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Grinding Media


Grinding Media

Advantages of TZP grinding media:

  • 1. With very low wear rate, grinding media can prevent the material from contamination.
  • 2. High grinding efficiency.
  • 3. Very long service life which can decreases its comprehensive operating cost.

User: Used in material grinding and dispersion. Mainly used in structural ceramic, electric ceramic, refractory material, magnetic material, metallurgy, medicine, food, cosmetics, coating, textile, dyeing, pigment and other industry.

  • Available Sizes:
  • Sphere: ø0.1-0.2, ø0.2-0.4, ø0.4-0.6, ø0.6-0.8, ø0.9-1.1, ø1, ø2, ø3, ø5, ø7, ø10, ø12, ø15, ø20...ø55mm
  • Cylinder: φ3×3, φ5×5, φ7×7, φ10×10, φ12×12mm

Wear resistance compared with the other grinding media